5 Reasons to Attend the Biggest Blockchain UnConference in Dubai

5 Reasons to Attend the Biggest Blockchain UnConference in Dubai

The world is moving towards a faster economy and blockchain is the solution to that. Blockchain is not only making the economy move in a faster pace but also ensures security and privacy at the same time. With more and more startups emerging in the blockchain space , Satoshi United has once again come up with the Un-Conference theme bringing all top blockchain investors , entrepreneurs , enthusiasts , ICOs etc at under one roof.

This event is being held at V-Hotel , Al-Habtoor City , Dubai on 22nd and 23rd October 2018. The conference will kickstart with our panel sessions and keynote session by some of the top leaders in blockchain industry followed by a Yacht Party on Day 1 and then on Day 2 it will be all about networking through Investors Brunch and Rooftop Dinner followed by an after party.

If you are a blockchain enthusiast and reading this , here are 5 Reasons – why you should attend Satoshi United – Dubai :

1. The Un-Conference Theme

Satoshi United has it’s theme yet again as UnConference – where the vision is to network with the right people and unwind in a grand yet casual audience. You will be witnessing 300+ attendees from over 50+ countries. The UnConference theme is all about networking with the top blockchain entrepreneurs , investors and other prestige attendees through high engaging sessions like Yacht Party , Investors Brunch , RoofTop Dinner apart from the mainstream speaker session and keynotes which is also a part of the conference.

2. $100,000 Pitcher Perfect Competition

In order to encourage innovation in blockchain, Satoshi United hosts a segment called ―pitcher perfect, where-in the participating ICO‘s and blockchain startups have a chance to win 100,000 USD in prize money as investment by pitching a breakthrough innovation in-front of judges and an audience which includes the top notch influencers of the industry, blockchain experts, advisors and investors. Yet again, in Dubai, Satoshi himself (pun intended) will be giving out 100K in prizes to the best ICO pitch.

3. Interactive Blockchain Exhibition

As Satoshi United has already become a platform for Blockchain Companies , you will be witnessing top blockchain companies who will be displaying their blockchain products and services where in you get to interact with them and generate business out of it. To name a few you will be witnessing companies like : AMB CRYPTO , CHAINEUM , SMOODY and many more.

4. Amazing Speaker Line-Up

The Satoshi united event is dedicated to celebrating the success & deliberating the future of blockchain technology. Satoshi United features the most respected & influential people of the industry.The list of speakers includes an incredible and diverse mix of upto 40 international speakers — from Fintech, blockchain, Cryptocurrency and many more industries. More on this is available on there website: http://satoshiunited.io/pages/speaker-grid/

5. Exclusive Investors RoofTop Soiree

As a special inclusion Satoshi United will be hosting a Sky-high investors soiree in Dubai, which will completely be dedicated to bringing all the investors and blockchain visionaries under one roof. This is an exclusive, investors only gathering and only a few visionary start up teams will get the chance to attend this event. If you wish to be a part of this gathering and you think you make the cut to be present here, just contact the Satoshi team on the details given below.

You can purchase your tickets here : www.satoshiunited.io/buy-tickets [ Use Coupon Code : DUBAI20 and get flat 20% discount on your ticket purchase]

For more info – you can reach them over mail : info@satoshiunited.io

You can follow them on social media –

Facebook : www.facebook.com/satoshiunited

Twitter : www.twitter.com/satoshiunited

Telegram : @satoshiunited

Becoming a Social Media Influencer is now easy with Mad Influence

Becoming a Social Media Influencer is now easy with Mad Influence

Ever wondered why your neighbors ( your friend’s circle) have started their own blogs and youtube channels ? In this piece of article, I am going to walk you through how to become a Social Media Influencer – the tips and tricks and the real game of Influential Marketing. 

Who is a Social Media Influencer to you ?

social media influencer is someone who can influence a set of people who tend to be convinced by the products or services the influencer uses in his or her daily life on their social media platforms like Instagram , Blogs , YouTube etc. The influencer can simply be using one particular product and showing his/her followers how good it feels to use or how useful it is. The promoted material need not be a product or a service,it can be an experience too.For example, a short video explaining your Kasol Trip and the people of Kasol. ( Kasol is a small hill station in Uttarakhand, people often go their for trekking) 

Rather than wasting your time getting those random glamour comments saying – Hey , you look so sexy , you look so beautiful – Monetize it ! Your followers write those comments because they like what you are wearing , they like how you look in that particular picture or video or they like how you have portrayed that image in your caption.

What is the benefit of being a Social Media Influencer?

Yes, good question! Being a social media influencer is a new trending profession these days and yes it has various perks to it which even the top companies of India and the world cannot give you and that is Fame. Now you will say, I don’t want fame , I want money. Well money is also there in this field and the more you grow more is the money.

So what all are the benefits actually :

  1. Regular Source of Income : Once you start getting noticed, brands start paying you to promote their brands. This is why everyone generally starts blogging and influencing but there’s more to it.
  2. Being the Popular Face : Apart from money, people start noticing you as a brand or let’s say a mini celebrity in their network. Getting famous and known to people is not that bad eh? #paparazzi
  3. Free Goodies and Services : Who doesn’t like free stuff ? You get to try out new products which sometimes are not even out in the market and you get the hands on them.
  4. Be your own Boss : Doing that everyday boring 9 to 5 job is very boring.Here you get to choose your own work , your own time and yes you are your own boss here.

What are the platforms I can create content and influence ?

What is the benefit if I become a Social Media Influencer on Mad Influence?

Mad Influence is India’s fastest growing influential marketing platform which connects social media influencers like you to various brands across India. They design marketing campaigns for various brands and make sure the influencers connected with the Mad Influence network get to promote those brands and get the influencer benefits mentioned above. You not only get to work with multiple brands but also get to choose them.

Why be a part of Mad Influence ?

  1. More Brands you can work with
  2. More Content you can generate
  3. More Value to your followers 
  4. Be known in the Industry 

So , I hope you now know what and how does Influential Marketing works and if you think you can be an influencer too , feel free to join Mad Influence.

Click here to be a part of the Mad Influence Family: http://madinfluence.com/sign-up